Yesterday morning was pretty wild. We usually let Winnie out at about 4 am for her morning run and then let her back in for food around 6 am. When my husband opened the door he found her slinking towards him from behind the house, soaked to the bone. Leaves were all over her back legs and she was upset. We couldn't figure out what happened. I wrapped her in a towel as best I could, I've never given her a bath so seeing her this wet was pretty wild.

She passed out while we were at work so I made sure to come home early and was received with the biggest cuddles. An hour-long nap on my chest while I attempted to update things in the office and then wrestling and playing outside but super soft because she had an adventure she wasn't quite ready to share yet.

Once Dad got home she got to spend some quality time with him in the backyard and I swear to God. Told him what happened!

If you own a cat and haven't done this, try it please, and let me know what happens.

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I saw a TikTok last week that said you can communicate with your cat when you are ready to listen. Make eye contact and do a slow blink (this connects with them and is basically saying I love you) then ask them what they need or want.

I did it and flipping Winnie jumped off the chair she was sitting on and sat looking at the empty space where her cat tower used to be, we moved it into the office when we redecorated with rugs recently. I said, "ok!" and moved the cat house back into the living room. She immediately jumped on it and did her ppppprrrrrrrrrrr noise that means she is in heaven. Now, I have only seen her using the scratching post since but we connected, I know it.

As I was watching the hubs and her in the grass I could tell she was trying to tell him what happened. She kept looking at the canal and then back at him and then all of a sudden a bunch of ducks flew up and took off. It hit me, she was chasing them and probably fell into the canal! This is terrifying because I bet she got swept away until she hit the grate and that's why her legs were covered in leaves. She might have lost a life or two yesterday but thank God she is ok and honestly within hours wanted to go back outside. You can tell she has a new appreciation for life. Check out these sweet moments I caught with those two, totally going to make a printout of one of them!

If your pet ever goes missing CLICK HERE, this experience made me think of all the different dangers Spring holds for our furry four-legged family members. Stay safe and adopt if you can.

Love, Sarah J

Winifred and Dad Talking

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