I've become a Mother of a kitten and we are just about to wrap-up week one!

If you're just joining my adventure, I've never grown up with a cat, not really into cat hair or hairballs but I do like the occasional cat-nap so at least we've got that in common.

I'm now in love and broke haha.

Winifred Luna Johnson was found in the Walmart parking lot and came into our lives last Thursday evening. We spent the first few days just staring at her in amazement. My husband and I had spoken about getting a kitten but now that it's happened we keep laughing. We have no kids and we both realize we are probably staring at her as a new Mom and Dad stare at their baby. I have dark circles under my eyes from staying up late in hopes to get cuddle time and it's working!

I am totally digging her schedule. Cats are so different from dogs in the fact they kind of want to be left alone until they are cool with it. Every day she is getting braver and into trying new things.

First, it was concurring the couch cushions, then she figured out the tops of the couch are awesome places as well. For some reason, her littler box has become a fun place to play. She stalks it, dive-bombs it and jumps around, it's cute but I am wondering if this will continue. I'm always making sure that it's clean, for being so small she packs a big poop haha.

She has already totally trashed her favorite feather toy, there is like one or two feathers on it but her little paws are so cute, nails sharp as hell. I have a nice set of scratches from the day I had Mom over and she decided to climb up my leg instead of the couch to greet me.

The other day she sat on my shoulder for a few seconds and meowed softly in my ear and my heart just about burst. She doesn't make a lot of noise besides her little paws running across the hardwood floor of the living room, the best sound, she sounds like a little horse with socks on! haha

She has given me little kisses on my nose, love it and for some reason, I have a very strong desire to watch every single girly movie I love with her hahaha.

We've almost wrapped up the Twilight series and I suppose Harry Potter is next because we only have until the end of the month before it's gone from HBOMAX.

She spends her evenings in the living room but we do keep the bedroom door open in case she wants to visit, last night it happened a few times but I am sure this is just the beginning.

This morning I brought her into my office and let her explore while I worked out, it was so fun to see her having a blast while I was cursing at the screen while sweating it out.

I am super curious

Week One with Winnie

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