The 2020 Census season in the Yakima Valley has unofficially begun.

There are, however, census workers knocking on doors in the Yakima Valley, as the Yakima Herald reports.

If someone knocks on your door and claims to be from the United States Census, do not panic, they are likely legitimate, and are looking to verify your address before you are sent a census form on April 1, 2020. You should do the following before opening up your door:

Look for their official Census badge ID (which should clearly display the worker's picture and name)
See if their laptop and/or a bag, it must have the official Census logo sticker on it
Call 1-800-923-8282 to verify the Badge ID of the alleged census worker at your door

The last thing you need is some Census "scammer" trying to mess with you, so be on the alert. The Census website says the Census will never ask you for your Social Security number, for money or donations, anything on behalf of a political party or for your bank or credit card account numbers.

Once the census begins on April 1, 2020, you will be asked the following questions:

  • How many people are living or staying at your home as of April 1, 2020?
  • Is your home owned or rented?
  • What is the sex of each person in your home?
  • What is the age of each person in your home?
  • What is the race of each person in your home?
  • Is the person in your home of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin?
  • What is the relationship of each person in your home?

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