I recently saw this article floating around it made me laugh so hard! CLICK HERE Do you happen to have a pencil scar somewhere on your body?

This little beauty came to me in I believe in sixth grade. I was at a piano lesson and somehow ended up getting the pencil stuck in my hand! Fast forward to 2019 and it's still about as dark as it was back then!

I THINK I also have one in my back but I will have to keep you updated after I have my husband confirm, that one came in like 4th grade. I thought I was being pretty cool pretending to chop off some of my friend's hair, he leaned in a little to close and I ended up cutting a chunk off. His response, stabbed in the back! Yowza!

So now that I have seen I am not alone I really want to hear everyone else's stories!

Feel free to send me your photos and stories via our FREE APP

Thank you, Lauren, for taking one for the team and inspiring others to come forward and share their stories :)

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