I first heard about the Oreo 'Big Crunch Bar' a few weeks ago. To my surprise, it's already out! I had to try it.

If it wasn't for my need to try everything new, I probably would not have grabbed it because this was $5.99. That's about twice the price of other candy bars of the same size. Still, I went for it because Milka, the company behind this, makes a very good quality chocolate so I figured that I may be paying a little extra.

This thing is gigantic and seems to weigh a bit more than standard chocolate bars of this size. After unwrapping, you can break them off into little squares which I did. It's a layer of crushed Oreo cookies with a layer of cream and wrapped in chocolate.

I took the first bite. I didn't get a crunch. The thing is called a Big Crunch Bar and, yet, there was no crunch. Not a loud one anyways. I could taste the Oreos, but they must've been too crushed as there wasn't an audible crunch. Almost more of a crisp. Still, not bad.

I might recommend getting one to share but, even though it's from Milka who makes awesome chocolate that we don't normally see too often in the United States, I might pass on this. It's good, just not $5.99 good.

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