It is. No matter who you are voting for, it is so important to engage by casting your vote and Hogback Development in Yakima have teamed up with I Heart Yakima and created this fantastic message, to encourage each and every one of us to get out there and have our voices heard. Voting is an important part of our future and we all should get involved.

Mr. Rogers helped us with our relationships with others. He showed us the power of kindness and compassion, “You are special and so is everyone else in this world.” 


#Vote Yakima, a non-partisan effort to encourage voting in our community.


Have you seen the one of a kind shirts that were created floating around town? There are two different styles available for purchase, online via I Heart Yakima or head over to Yakima Shipping Shop and purchase one for each of the family and shoot why not your furry friend too!


Nick, owner of Yakima Shipping Shop, was kind enough to show off one of the shirts, the stand inside his shop that carries all the different sizes and even some of the local goodies the shop carries

Nick showing off shirts and merch

The shirts come in a ton of sizes from XS all the way through 3XL and are going to a great cause.


Proceeds from the shirt sales will go to the Henry Beauchamp community center. The center provides a variety of services aimed at fostering self-sufficiency and dignity for children, youth and families, and affirming diversity in culture and way of life for residents of southeast Yakima.

Stay tuned for pop-ups around the valley where you could help support the movement to inspire and remind people it's a beautiful day to vote.