If anyone thinks the economy is doing well, they should just look at how many companies are closing locations or packing up for good.

Earlier this week, we wrote about 99 Cent Only and Rite Aid stores filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection and closing several locations throughout the Pacific Northwest.

We've also seen restaurants closing up shop of ALL locations in certain areas. Outback Steakhouse was one of these restaurants that abruptly closed ALL of their locations in Hawaii, leaving many to wonder about their local steak house.

menu with a beer picture

And just as abruptly, the last Cracker Barrel restaurant in Oregon has closed.

The final Cracker Barrel in The Beaver State, a place many of us frequented for its special downhome cooking, resided in Medford in South Gateway (near I5 and Exit 27). Sadly, now if we want to taste that unique flavor, we'll have to venture to Idaho (3 locations), Nevada (3 locations), or California (7 locations).

mashed potatos, meatloaf, food
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store via Google Maps

According to reports, the decision to close this location was not taken lightly. Due to store performance and evaluating how resources throughout the entire network of restaurant locations could be better used were the reasons given.

cracker Barrel building
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store via Google Maps

The company said it will assist impacted staff during this unfortunate period. Fingers crossed that the hard working staff can bounce back into a better job and career and do so soon.

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