I've said it once, and I'll say it again: we don't rescue our pets; they rescue us, which is so true! My little dog (pictured above and a few more times below) has changed my wife, and I's life in more ways than one, and I can't think of a Christmas (let alone any other holiday) without him bringing joy to the house!

If you would like to experience that same type of joy but are worried about the full commitment of having a dog full-time, The Yakima Humane Society has just the thing for you!

Yakima Humane Society's Home For The Holidays!

So many dogs will spend the holidays alone, but you can change that. The Yakima Humane Society is asking people to foster a dog over the Christmas weekend. The best part is, if you realize that it's the right fit and want every holiday to be spent with your new four-legged friend, you can make them your new four-legged family member!

Dog on a fire place sniffing presents.

"This Christmas bring home a shelter pet to spend time with your family. We will be allowing people and families to foster an available dog over the Christmas holiday so these animals can have a bit of a shelter break."
- YHS Facebook Page


Yakima Humane Society is allowing people to come and pick out an available dog starting Friday morning at 10 am at their main office at 2405 West Birchfield Road in Yakima and ending at 4:30 pm Friday night.

YHS will take care of all the necessities (collar, leash, food, toys, poop bags, even a kennel if needed). This way, you and your new pet pal can have a lovely, beautiful, and happy Christmas.

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If you realize the dog is the right fit for your family and a gift from Santa Paws, you can adopt them on Tuesday morning. If it doesn't work out (which is okay), you can drop them back off at the shelter starting at 10 am.

Little white dog in a sweater with his tongue out with a toy bone

For more information on adoption or donations to the Yakima Humane Society, check out their website at YakimaHumane.org or their Facebook Page.


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