We love a good bite to eat, so much so that we've probably tried every fast-food restaurant available in the Yakima Valley. However, we sure do miss some fast food spots from the west side and around the country, so we decided to make a list.

There are some cravings that just can't be curved in the Yakima Valley, so we wanted to make our top 3 lists of Fastfood places we wish were right here in the Yakima Valley, so let's dive into it!

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3.) Dicks Drive-In

The Most Famous Fast Food joint to come out of Washington, not that they're actually available outside of the state. However, in the last decade, they've expanded to other cities like Kent, Federal Way, and a bunch of other sub-city areas in Seattle. So why not really expand into the Yakima Valley? Dick Drive-In has done amazing with taking care of their employees, great pay, great benefits, and paid time off, perfect for anyone starting out with their first job.

2.) Katsu Burger

Katsu Burger was created by a sushi chef who actually studied under one of the most famous and world-renowned sushi chefs in Japan, whose restaurant takes over three years to get reservations. However, this chef doesn't make you wait three years, no Katsu Burger it's a Japanese take on a delicious American Tradition. Deep-fried burgers, with Japanese mayo, nori french fries, and deep-fried chicken sandwiches would give chick-filet and KFC a run for their money.

1.) Papa Johns

Not exactly a Seattle Restaurant but one that has had some outcry for them to move to the Yakima Valley. Without a doubt this is some of the best Pizza fast food has to offer, sure we have Domino's, pizza hut, and other great local places but something about Papa Johns's just hits differently, maybe it's because Shaq owns the franchise now, who knows. What we do know is we want it here in the Yakima Valley!

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