If you haven't seen the billboards yet, know there are THREE Pride billboards glowing about town, the first time in history to happen. You can check them out during the entire month of June, all showing off a very positive message.

Everyone is Welcome in Yakima

This really shouldn't be up for debate but sometimes people need reminding that love is love. Whoever you choose to love and be happy with is your business. If your religion is telling you to be mean or condemn someone for their choices, keep it to yourself. Helping others if fantastic but letting someone else know what happens to their soul based off of what you belief system is, isn't your place.

If you're searching for a view of these billboards for yourself you can find one located at S 1st ST & E Nob Hill BLVD, one at First E/L 10' S/O Tennant Lane and the third located on S 1st ST & E Nob Hill BLVD

If you aren't a friend of Yakima Pride on Facebook or Instagram, it's a great place to start. They group is in the middle of finalizing plans for the month so stay tuned for more exciting things to come.

Currently over at Valley Mall there's a Pride Photo Contest taking place. At Center Court there's a big green backdrop featuring rainbow colored flowers you can take some selfies with. Tag #ShopAtValleyMall and at the end of the month three people are walking away with a $50 gift card to spend at Valley Mall shops and restaurants!

If you know of more activities during Pride Month please don't hesitate to message us via the app

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Pride Month

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