I took a trip to the Oregon Coast this past week and had a beach fire just about every night. Of course we had to have s'mores as my kids love them almost as much as I do. We decided to experiment a little when I came up with my new favorite variation - the 'Kit Kat S'mores'. Here's how to make it.

Make a s'mores but, instead of chocolate, use a Kit Kat.


Okay, to break it down a little more, if you're unfamiliar, toast your marshmallow. Don't stick it directly in the fire, but find a nice 'oven' where there are some red spots of of the burning firewood and rotate it over that for a little while so it's nice and gooey. Place it between two graham crackers with the Kit Kit and you're good to go.

Also also did this with Reece's Peanut Butter Cups and those were almost as good, but I gotta stick with the Kit Kat.

Next time I need to try Twix.

What's your favorite thing to roast over a campfire?

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