I found the following statement on Twitter. @Sinclair_Ceasar had gone to his therapist and this was the advise he shared that resonated hard with me.

My therapist taught me to interrupt my anxious thinking with thoughts like: "What if things work out" and "What if all my handwork pays off?"

He then ended his tweet with, "I'm passing that onto you wherever you are, whatever you're leaving or whomever you are becoming.

Since the moment I read that I have worked on catching myself and it truly is a really helpful statement.

Rihanna sings, "work, work, work, work, work" and in order to pay the bills some type of income is needed but it's really important to be present. Some countries take siestas and other places have four-day weekends with vacation days scattered in between. It seems like in America we have gotten to the point where burnout and working long soul-sucking hours is a badge of honor, we wear it proudly thinking we're crushing the game but on the outside, it comes off as moody, frustrated, and unengaged in all of it. The below statement is an important one to remember about your current job.

Don’t love the company, because the company will never love you - Justin S

You are replaceable and this isn't meant in a dig sort of way, you are probably really good at your job but the moment you leave, they will be looking for someone to replace you. The big machine keeps moving no matter what so don't make work your end-all.

Chelle T has a great question to ponder

Can a candle burn at both ends?

Todd's Grandpa has a great saying to remember when you're feeling some type of way

Don't let the bastards wear you down

True story, they aren't spending time worrying about you so don't give them any of your time either

Work harder not smarter - Rhonda V's Dad

There is a way to make your workday flow how you want, it takes adjustments and focus but it also means working to do what Rhonda's brother suggests.

Don't sweat the small **** - Rhonda V's Brother

Pick and choose your battles and the things you allow to really trigger you because Rhonda has another great quote that we all should remember

Never step on anyone to get where your going, because someday you may be the step - Rhonda V

This doesn't mean allowing people to walk all over you or not speaking up but taking down others to make yourself feel better is no good for anyone and karma works in mysterious ways so be kind and spread love wherever and whenever you can

Do depend on others for help - Kandice C

Reaching out in times of struggle is a GOOD thing. If you are feeling like you don't have someone to turn to 211 wherever you are located can help guide you to the services or people to speak with if you want to keep it anonymous. Each one of your true friends and family has a purpose, you don't have to go it alone

Remember The Bloodhound Gang Song The Bad Touch? The lyrics

You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals
So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel

When the attraction is there man it's hard to say no but skip a beat and take some advise from Brian C.

Condoms are cheaper than diapers

You think you're broke now, just wait tell you add some unplanned littles into the equations. Take a beat and wrap it up or you could be hearing the famous Maury line

(Insert name) You are the Father

I don't know if you've ever experienced a moment where you thought you could let one go and it ends horribly. Just hope that you're not wearing white pants is all I am saying and thank God for spanx in my experience. This is a gem from my husband

If you have any doubt, don't let it rip - Tyler J

When it comes to driving we have some pretty massive vehicles that can really do some damage if not driven correctly so when you come across a bad driver Becky V says

Always yield to the idiot driver. If they think they have the right of way...let them go

Don't do drugs was the saying growing up but this deeper notion given to Sean A while heading to a football game struck a chord It was his philosophy on drug use:

 If someone offered me a drug one of two things could happen. I might like it. And then I’d want to use it again. Or I might not like it and have a bad experience. Neither option is good.

Sometimes you have to learn this next one the hard way. You can't take back what you say so Cindy Z has a gentle reminder for all of us

Think before you speak

This is a pretty cool revelation

Dont throw the first punch, throw the last one. I uded to think it was all about fist fighting. Now I know its a metaphor for so much more Eric T


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