Dayum Gina!

This girl can't catch a break for NOTHING! On Wednesday, her probation was revoked, which means she's facing doing some hard time in the slammer. Eek! (Girl, watch out, they will try to braid your hair in there!) Then yesterday it's been reported that all her junk in the storage trunk is now officially not hers anymore unless she can cough up, oh, about $16,000, like yesterday! Thank goodness there's this offer from Scores to help! *snark*

Do you think we'll see her stuff on an epi of Storage Wars? My question is: How in the world do you owe $16,000 for STORAGE?! Does that mean she's not been paying the bill for months, weeks, or years? And where WAS this storage unit? Inside a mansion in Beverly Hills? What, she couldn't find a less spendy place in Santa Monica? LOL

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