I remember the first time I went shopping in Oregon. I had purchased some Tom Ford lipstick for my birthday and some plum sake (I had a gift card) and I didn't have to pay any Oregon sales tax. It was a glorious feeling!

Thousands of Oregon residents are used to not having to fork over sales tax when they come shopping over here in Washington state, but that perk is soon to go by the wayside.

KOMO News reports that new legislation has passed prohibiting people from Oregon to purchase items in Washington state tax-free. The bill was introduced in March of this year and will go into effect beginning July 1, 2020.

This new bill is going to cause a big ruckus in the Beaver State, I predict. I also predict that Oregon lawmakers will retaliate in kind. Just watch!

Besides Oregon, the only states in the country that do not charge a sales tax on purchases are Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire.

Call me Worrisome Wanda, but I fear that our glory days of sales tax-free shopping in Oregon will soon come to an end!

Boooooo! Hissssss! *throws tomatoes*

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