As I was driving the other day, I came upon the funky intersection of 1st Street, 3rd Street, & E. Arlington. My wife pointed out the sign taped to the pole. At first I thought, wow, someone is attempting a yard sale right now? But as I read it, I realized it was "cry for help." The sign reads "This Light Does NOT Work "Properly" CALL the City of Yakima". Me being a natural smart aleck, I found this sign filled with questions & possibilities. Who wrote it? How did he find out it was not working properly? How is it supposed to work? Lights come on & go off, was it just slowly fading? Did the light refuse to glow, and just started making noises like screaming? Who does he want to make the call? What are we suppose to call the "City of Yakima"... brother, Greg, Bob, Buddy, Pal, Yaki-vegas, so many names to choose from, does it need to be a pronoun? How was the sign not "proper"? Was it not minding its manners? Saying please or thank you? On the serious side, what part of the light is not working? The cross walk part? The traffic stop? The button (those never seem to work) to change the cross walk? What's the number? Why can't we just text the city of Yakima? What happens if Yakima answers and says "new phone, who dis?" Do we need to disguise our voice when we call? Was the creator of this sign even a human? Was this a "cry for help" from the actual light?

No matter what smart ass questions I have because of this sign, I think we can all agree, that the person who made this sign took more time and thought in getting the supplies (tape, paper, markers of assorted colors) and making the sign, then going back to the improperly working light (at great risk to the person I might add) just to hang the sign, when he could have just called The Yakima Public Works Department at 509-575-6005. Then again, I wasted probably about as much time writing this inquisitive post as he did with his sign.

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