Listen in with Sarah J every afternoon at 3:10 pm, when you hear the Monster Truck engine revving you know it's time to call 509-972-1073 to find out if you and your friends are going to watch Monster Slam 19th with Monster Trucks and the Freestyle MX up close and personal!

Each ticket holder has a chance to come on down to the party pit to take pictures of the rigs, meet the drivers and get autographs from your favorites!

Two days of extreme heart-pounding action all the way from the West Coast and I hear there will even be a Monster Truck you can ride in? WHAT? :)

Links to purchase your own tickets CLICK HERE or just stay tuned to Yakima's #1 hit music station. 107.3 KFFM. You can stream from, download our free app and please let your friends know too cause five people are going to winners and one of them could be you!



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