Yakama Nation Cultural Center

Have you ever been to the Yakama Nation Cultural Center before? Apparently, Alxayx Diavolikis experienced some sort of unexplained creepiness in the movie theatre and also the library. He's also heard that the gift shop area is very active!

Downtown Underground

The oldest section of Yakima has tunnels running underneath it, basically from the Ace Hardware on 4th ave to Front Street, and the building across from where the old mall used to be. A lot of the basements have trapped doors in the cellars leading right to the speakeasies of the time. Most of them are closed off now but Jason Clark has actually worked in the tunnels at one point and says, "no doubt in my mind that **** is haunted!"

The Old Yakima Mall Building

I have heard the supposed shopkeeper walking across the tiles. Always heard in the early morning just as if she were getting ready to open the shop for the day but I have always wanted to know more. Here it is!

Meagan R says upstairs in the old Yakima mall you used to be able to enter through a door on Yakima ave. At one time it was used as a mental health building, and before that, in the 1940's it was a psych ward where they would give electric shock therapy to patients. A lot of people have died in there and there is rumors of a little boy jumping out a window from there to his death. You can see him running around in there at night and when we worked up there you would get scents of cigar smells or roses with no flowers around and there was also no smoking anywhere around in or outside of the building!

Big Lots

Nicole Poole says

my husband used to work in the building when it was Food Pavilion. Every night something would fly off a shelf in one area like it was done with a purpose. There was shadow figures, sudden scents of perfume when no one else was in the building, also sounds of footsteps when no one else was there. Sounds of carts rolling when no one else was there and other things

The Horse Pen

Imagine checking the security footage and catching a ghost on camera! That happened to Jody Hutchinson. She's never seen this unexplained figure again but she also doesn't like to look, just in case!

The House on Ahtanum

Jennifer Unglesby Cartmell says

My old house on Ahtanum. My parents owned the house and when we moved out they rented it to a lady. Her boyfriend was mixed up with drugs and came to the house and said he was going to kill her. She and the boys ran for the house and he shot at her but missed. (Bullet hole is still in the house) She stopped and turned to see what was happening and saw him in the driveway shoot himself in the head. She moves out - I move back in.
I had a closet door close several times, even after putting a heavy box in front of it. At the time, I hated the scent of bleach so I didn't own any and out of the blue I would smell bleach. I'd be at one end of the house and it would get super cold all of the sudden for a few seconds. I'd see a dark figure in the house at different times even though I was the only one home. After I got married things slowed down. But when my daughter turned 2 she would wake up screaming every night and refused to go back to sleep in her bedroom. She would often talk to a "friend". One evening she was talking to the friend and said "No! My mommy!! Don't hurt her!" After that she would never go in her room by herself. We moved when she was 5. My aunt owns the house now and has had doors close often.

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