So a lot of people say I look like my mother (which is not a bad thing). But I get told I have her attitude more than anything and that might not be the best compliment. Although, I do admire my moms "If I want it, it shall be mine" attitude, sometimes it gets the best of me. My mom kind of reminds me of a Chihuahua, little body BIG BARK. She probably won’t like that I said that, but it’s true. LOL. While I was in high school, everyone called my mom "the warden". I thank her now for everything she's done for me since I got a lot further in life than a lot of girls I went to school with. I didn’t always get along with my mom but she always did the best she could for us including working a full time job plus a night job just to buy us Christmas presents. I love my mom and I couldn’t ask for someone better to have been my role model. I look up to her for everything, and although she has only been married 6 months longer than I have I still look at her for advise on marriage, life, money and so much more. I hope everyone had a beautiful mothers day, I know I tried to make my mom remember this one!