Times are a changing! People are streaming music instead of purchasing albums. (not all of them) Going to a live concert can get people so worked up that a lot of us would rather wait for the tv special or listen in the peace and quiet of our own homes BUT that doesn't mean music is dead. And that CERTAINLY doesn't mean we demolish music history for a luxury residential tower. The early 20 something Amazon and Google crowd can find somewhere else to rest their code filled brains.

Over 150 artists have signed an open letter to save Seattle's famous music venue, The Showbox groups like Seattle's own Pearl Jam and even Macklemore. Here is what he said to the Seattle Times “As our city continues to grow in density, it’s imperative that we protect the spaces that give Seattle its cultural identity,” Macklemore implores. “If we value our musical heritage and want to leave the next generation with a piece of authentic Seattle, this is our fight.”

So many artists have played on that stage and so many more should have the opportunity. CLICK HERE for the full letter

Do you feel Seattle's The Showbox is worth saving?