There are moments in everyone's lives where you need, or at least should, take a beat and say to yourself, "is this a good idea?"

I am curious if 49-year-old Jennifer took a moment before pulling this business!

Jennifer is in for some summertime sadness after picking up an inflatable pool from the neighbors and then, deciding to drive back home. With her children on the roof of her vehicle. Inside the pool. So they could hold it down!

So you didn't have any rope or bungee chords? How would the kids even hold the pool down and be able to hang onto the car at the same time? Why did no one stop her? So many questions but I don't know if we will ever receive the answers.

The only reason she was caught is that someone, not involved with these precious humans, decided it looked a little dangerous to pretend like that didn't just happen!

Jennifer is being charged with two counts of Endangering the Health or Life of a Child and two counts of Reckless Conduct.

Don't be like Jennifer.


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