4 pm on Wednesdays we begin and the number is 509-972-1073.

You will receive a few minutes with Melissa to ask your questions. At 4:30 pm we flip to our live 107.3 KFFM facebook page. This is for entertainment purposes so please understand not everyone will be read and if you would like to book a full reading please contact Melissa directly as she does this for a living.

We will also be giving a break-down of how the abilities might manifest themselves and how you would deal with this to not freak out your littles, or yourself!

I was asking around if anyone knew their child has psychic abilities and John Riggs's youngest Lily sees ghosts! When she was four years old she described, in her little kids speak, her Mother's Father, who is in spirit. Grandpa even validated it was him by bringing up his go-to silly parlor trick, taking out his dentures! haha


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