Here we are approaching the end of the very first month of the new year.

My resolution is "to loosen up a bit".

I don't mean loosen up in a dress size, or loosen my grip on reality.

My resolution is to loosen up on my knack for being anxiety-prone, cynical, bitter, and all-around catty. Maybe I will stop smoking, maybe I will stop watching so much television. But most of all, I want to live a happier life and stop worrying so much about everything, like what if my car breaks down on the way to Seattle and back? Like what if my 2 year old never learns how to potty train? Like what if I keep missing out on the annual holiday sale at Bath & Body Works? Like what if KIMYE are here to stay in my news feed? Ugh, I am getting stressed out just thinking about those things!

Here's to you and your new year's resolution! May you keep it this year in the 2014, whatever it is!