I don't know if my smeller is broken or this is truly what is happening but have you noticed not all cleaning wipes smell like cleaner?

Recently a new jug of wipes was placed in the studio and the moment I opened it to wipe down the studio I was flooded with memories of college. WIPEOUT! claims they are lemon-scented but my nose is smelling one of the body sprays made by Victoria Secrets. I can't remember the name of the specific one but while I was going to Yakima Valley College (named Yakima Valley Community College at the time) my friend Johanna had this spray that all of us would use before we would go out on the weekends hahaha!

It makes me laugh every time I open it and the smell is for sure learning more towards perfume than the cleaning scent you would think would be wafting to my nostrils. I don't feel like my smeller is broken so I have to ask the questions.

Now that we are all in the habit of wiping down surfaces of all kinds I have taken the liberty of putting together to top cleaners for all different kinds of surfaces. Maybe you are already on point but either way. Happy cleaning and happy sniffing!

  • Clorox Disinfectant Wipes - these ones tend to get pretty wet but they are showing up at the top brand for cleaning surfaces of germs but not so much for spills. Leave that to the paper towels
  • Windex Glass and Surface Wipes - I totally dig Windex and never realized they come in a pack you could easily keep in your car or in your desk to clean your windows or whatever glass surface you want to reflect your pretty face in. Plus if you have ever watched, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" Windex fixes everything
  • Method All-Purpose Wipes in Lavendar are made for your tub and tile work. No one likes to clean this business but it has got to get done and these wipes apparently do a fantastic job of breaking down the build-up
  • Searching for the winner when it comes to cleaning furniture? It goes to Murphy Oil Soft Soap Wipes. They remove all the dirt and polish at the same time. Boom!

Keep it clean and safe out there people.

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