Nicki Minaj continues to embrace her "back to basics" aesthetic in her new 'Pills N Potions' video. The dreamy track (which we've had on repeat, by the way), also features a silent cameo from rapper the Game.

The colorful video features a somber-looking Nicki smoldering into the camera as she admits, "I still love you."

Although the song has a serious tone, the video is interspersed with some unexpected, artistic images. These visuals include a bunny Pez dispenser, an animated pill bottle and a rabbit smoking a cigarette with metallic smoke. It all makes for a vibe reminiscent of Miley Cyrus' 'We Can't Stop' video -- but it for Nicki, it works.

The Game appears throughout the entire video, sometimes alongside Nicki and sometimes alone, serving as a reminder of the love that haunts her. Equally haunting is the pain on her face as she chants, "I still love/ I still love/ I still love/ I still love/ I still love."

Check out Nicki's artistic 'Pills N Potions' video above!

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