Attention all you hoard-y back-to-school types: There is a Lunchables shortage in America*! This random public service announcement is good for you to know because I thought it was just ME that was having trouble finding some. Apparently, there are NO LUNCHABLES in town, at least not at any of the Safeway grocery stores I've been to. How was I to know Safeway would be out of Lunchables for the past three weeks!

The last time I remember buying some Lunchables was when my daughter, Willow, and I went camping at the Lewis & Clark State Park with some friends about three weeks ago. I did my grocery shopping at Safeway and when I got to the cheese and hotdog aisle, I looked for the Lunchables. I had put them on my camping food list so that Willow would have some tasty snacks in between meal times.

I bought the remaining Lunchables that were left on the shelf at the Safeway on 5th Ave and Lincoln, so hopefully, by the time you read this they will have restocked the shelves--BUT I DOUBT IT!

Which one is your favorite: the pizza one, the nachos one,  the turkey and cheese with crackers, or the ham and cheese with the lonely one Oreo cookie?

How did this Lunchables shortage come about anyway? We can blame COVID-19 and BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON for the scarcity. Covid-19 brought out the hoarders in people so the hoard-y back-to-school types snatched up all the Lunchables!

This story has made national news. The same people who greedily accumulated all the toilet paper, air conditioners, yeast, gasoline, bottles of water, and Corona beer, are out there snatching up all the LUNCHABLES!

These headlines are killing me:

"Parents struggle to find Lunchables" - KHOU 11, Houston, TX

"What’s for lunch? Lunchables missing on some store shelves" - Fox 23, Tulsa, OK

"No Lunchables? No Problem: Quick Lunch-Making Tips to Make Life Easier" -

Good luck finding Lunchables or just hop in the kitchen and go make your own!

*P.S. If you are an adult and are mad stores are running out of Lunchables, you don't have to get irate, just make your own Shark Coochie Board! You can even take it one step further and make your own Jarcuterie Board as seen here.

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