On the border between Canada and Washington sits a bastion of irony.

A story amusing and yet so simple, it was hiding in plain site. It’s a little known bed-and-breakfast with a name that was broadcasting it’s crime, right out in the open. The name of the hotel? The Smuggler's Inn. What was it’s crime? Smuggling.


Robert Boule of Blaine, Wash is accused of helping seven illegal migrants from Afghanistan and Syria cross into Canada from the Smuggler’s Inn, just steps away from the U.S. - Canadian border.


Allegedly, migrants contacted Boule by phone and picked them up in Blaine or Seattle. It is alleged Boule charged the migrants between $200 to $700 (US dollars) from May 2018 to March 2019.


Yeah, it’s funny, but it turns out this is not the only ironically named hotels.

Here are actual names of hotels in the U.S. that either ironic or amusing names



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'Kings Inn' – Are only Kings allowed?

'Moss View Hotel' – That view of moss would look great on your Instagram page.

'Paramount Hotel' – paramount. Meaning the very top of something. I stayed at a Paramount once. It was more “under-mount”, situation.

'Roadside' – Isn’t every hotel that on a roadside?

'Happy Mornings Motel' – This place apparently doesn’t do Mondays, cause, well – Monday mornings.

'Quaint Motel' – What if it’s not? Isn’t “quaint” subject to opinion?

'Quality Hotels' – Really?

'Breeze Blows' – So does this hotel.

'Clean Convenience' – Yeah, cause those two words scream “Comfort”.

'Wynn Las Vegas' – Or is it “Lose” Las Vegas?

Next time you stay at any hotel, think Smugglers Inn to truly appreciate Washington States own piece of irony.


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