Two years ago, Bud Clary Toyota of Yakima decided to spend their own money to encourage children to stay in school. The premise was a simple as the name: Perfect Attendance Creates Excellence. If a child had perfect attendance, he or she was awarded a free bike, helmet and a party at the end of the year. Well this year, they're bringing the program back!

If your son or daughter's elementary school is participating in the P.A.C.E. program, here are the basic guidelines.

  • Show up for school every day.
  • No tardies and no leaving early for appointments.
  • No absences -- excused or unexcused.

That's really it. Now, seriously, and speaking as a dad with three kids in school, if your children are sick, have them stay home. Their health is the most important thing. Consider all illnesses carefully, though. If your child feels a little sick and can tough it out, that might be OK. But if they're sneezing and running a temperature, keep them home.

Make sure you schedule doctors and dentist appointments around school time. I know, it's sometimes hard on your busy schedule, but many places that are typically only open from 8 to 5 or 6 will arrange earlier or later visits based on your schedule if you ask. I know Central Washington Family Medicine accepts patients as early as 7:45 to to make sure you get to school on time.

But if your child has perfect attendance -- and as we say, perfect means perfect -- he or she will get a new bike and helmet from Bud Clary Toyota of Yakima. They'll also get to attend a huge party for them and their entire family featuring an all-you-can-eat barbecue, bounce houses and more.

Here is the list of local schools participating.

Adams Elementary -- Wapato

Camas Elementary -- Wapato

Satus Elementary -- Wapato

Nob Hill Elementary --Yakima

Roosevelt Elementary -- Granger

Gilbert Elementary -- Yakima

East Valley Elementary -- Moxee

Robertson Elementary -- Yakima

Martin Luther King Elementary -- Yakima

Barge Lincoln Elementary -- Yakima

Arthur Smith Elementary - Grandview

Hoover Elementary -- Yakima

Outlook Elementary - Outlook

Roosevelt Elementary -- Yakima

Valley View Elementary - Toppenish

Marcus Whitman Elementary -- Cowiche

Westpark Christian Academy -- Yakima

Mt. Stuart Elementary -- Ellensburg

Whitney Elementary -- Yakima

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