Paid parking is on its way to downtown Yakima after the Yakima City Council members voted Tuesday in favor of the proposal during a study session on Tuesday. Paid parking is expected to start in downtown in April of 2023.

Money from the parking will help maintain downtown lots

The money from the paid parking lots downtown will help support infrastructure downtown because many areas need work. The money will fund the upkeep of parking lots sidewalks and other infrastructure in the downtown area. Paid parking in downtown lots will be from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Saturday with free parking on Sundays. The cost is $1 per hour. The council voted 4-3 to approve the paid parking idea and move forward in 2023. Council members Matt Brown, Holly Cousins and Patricia Byers voted against the paid parking proposal. City Council member Matt Brown says during a time of high inflation now is not the best time to start paid parking in downtown Yakima.

The city manager says the city really had no option other than to start paid parking

Yakima City Manager Bob Harrison says the city had no other option after a tax proposal to raise needed funds failed in 2020. Harrison says paid parking will be required in all the city lots downtown including on street parking. Now city staff will work to put together a comprehensive plan to be presented to the council in the near future.
Currently parking is free for 2 hours in the city owned downtown parking lots.

City officials say there will be no charge for parking in the lot behind Yakima City Hall because the parking lot is for employees and customers at city hall.

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