Now THIS is fancy!

Perry Technical Institute not only has 13 career paths to choose from, they are also have begun building houses!

The very first built with the blood, sweat and tears of the construction, electrical, HVAC and plumbing programs will be placed at

the corner of Annalisa and 83rd Avenue, and has an estimated value of $350,000. Tickets are $100 each. If less than 4000 tickets are sold, the prize will be 50% of ticket sales, less expenses. Guaranteed minimum prize will be $5000. Ticket sales will begin on Sat., Sept. 7th during our Fall Open House event from 10AM-1PM and will continue to be available during business hours.  

Sarah J will be broadcasting live out there from 10am - 12 pm with a chance to win the last tickets to Silverwood, coffee cards to the Celtic Cup to keep you awake during classes and some swag to start your school year off just right. Oh did I mention also the LAST pair of tickets to see Ciara at the Washington State Fair? eeeeee!

Spread the word because there are AT LEAST 13 different reasons to stop by Perry Tech this Saturday! Hope to see you soon!

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