Oh man it's the day serious internet shoppers wait for...or anyone I should say that likes a good deal. I'll be honest I got my Prime Membership last year and have only rented videos, books and purchased the occasional online movie from it. I brows the virtual aisles but I can usually tell I have put it in the cart because of impulse, so I don't click. TODAY I clicked! :) I am hooking my husband up with a Fire Tablet (he bought me one last year so now I can return the favor) I also decided to bite the bullet and get the fancy scale that will tell me if I am hydrated or not, I know I'm not but ya gotta start somewhere!

I was curious what you love to purchase or wait patiently for when it comes to on-line shopping AND wanted to give you a local tip. Since you are already shopping if you are into helping out great causes Perry Technical Institute has set-up their school as a receiver of donations :) As you shop for amazing deals, be sure to sign in through smile.amazon.com. You can choose to support J M Perry Institute of Trades Industries & Agriculture and Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to help our students. Happy shopping!

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