It happens all the time. You have friends or family visiting from out of town and you don't have a clue what to do with them. They'll ask "what's fun to do in town?" and your answer is probably "Nothing" But that's only because you've already done everything. Just because it's old to you doesn't mean it's boring to everyone. If you're looking for some quick ideas, here are five places you can take your out-of-town visitors in Yakima.

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    The first place I like to take them in a Yakima classic (even though it's in Union Gap). Miner's restaurant is legendary to Yakima and those who have traveled through. I love looking at their face when they see how large the burgers are. I also like making fun of them when they order a Big Miner, large fries and large drink. They assure me they can finish it, but rarely do.

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    Valley Mall

    After Miner's, may as well burn some time, and some cash, at Valley Mall. Not just "The Mall" itself but all of the stores and shops in that entire neighborhood. Clothes for all ages, items for anyone, browse Value Village, it's a neat area that has just about everything you need all in one convenient place.

    Townsquare Media, John Riggs
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    The Beer Shoppe

    "Locally owned and operated" is music to my ears whenever I'm visiting another city. I know I'm in for something completely unique that I can't find anywhere else and The Beer Shoppe is just that. They have a huge selection of craft beers from the area and all over the US, even the world with an import selection if you wanted to try beer from Germany, Japan, Scotland and more. They also have hard cider if that's your thing. You buy by the bottle, get a pint while you're there and you can also get some growlers to go - that's a gallon jug of draft beer off the tap you can take back home with you. One growler is worth about 5 pints and totally worth a visit.

    Facebook, Beer Shoppe
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    Walmart - West

    Walmart? Really? Yes, but I have to explain. I've been to several Walmarts in my time and I have to say that the Walmart on 66th and Nob Hill is without a doubt the cleanest, most open area'd Walmart I've ever been to. Sure, they've been to a Walmart before, but they've never been to one like this.

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    The Greenway

    There's something at the Greenway for everyone. A huge playground for kids, a great path to walk, beautiful scenery. If you plan on going for a stroll, ride your bikes, or just want somewhere to be, The Greenway is worth a stop.