Have you ever been so nervous because of the task you are about to do, that you can't focus, and you are just a shaking mess? Your writing a letter to a loved one, or filling out a job resume. Or maybe you're not nervous at all, maybe life has just made all of our hand writing so bad, that even our best efforts are not good enough. Well, whether it's nerves or lack of practice, when writing a note to someone, the most important thing is for it to be legible, that way the other person can read it. No matter if your telling someone you love them, or you want to ROB them! If they can't read it, then you're pretty much wasting your time! Well, 67-year-old Alan Slattery learned that hard lesson, after attempting to rob 3 different banks in Eastbourne & Hastings, England. Back in mid-March Slattery started his two week bank robbing spree with no luck. The first bank he tried to hold up, the teller couldn't read the note he had written. After several moments of confusion, Slattery left with no loot in tow. Staff later figured out the note and alerted the police.

"Your screen won't stop what I've got, just hand over the 10s and the 20s. Think about the other customers."

Roughly a week later, Slattery did his second attempt, and successfully got away with roughly $3,320. His third attempt didn't go as smoothly. The cashier received the threatening note, and began challenging Slattery, who eventually walked out of the bank, all while the police were being called. Police found Slattery walking in the vicinity and was arrested. According to reports (with pictures), he was charged on suspicion of robbery and two counts of attempted robbery. A search of his home found sticky notes identical to the threatening notes as well as the same clothes seen in the CCTV video. Slattery pleaded guilty to all 3 charges and was sentenced to 6 years. This whole ordeal reminds me of the scene from the Woody Allen classic film "Take The Money & Run", where Woody's character tries to rob a bank with his note and "Gub". Check the video out below & if you're going to rob a bank, type your notes... or better yet, don't rob banks! https://youtu.be/4VdMdboymT8

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