Being an adult who enjoys and adult beverage every once in a while, I took it upon myself to purchase a mobile breathalyzer. Does it really work? Let's give it a shot.

This particular device links with your smartphone. Very easy to set up and use and, after charging it, I decided to test it out.

To make sure I'd get a reading of any kind, I grabbed an IPA as that type of beer usually has more alcohol per volume than other beers.

After half an hour I used it as according to the directions and, sure enough, I blew about what I thought I would. Not only did it give me a reading, it even predicted when I'll be back to having no alcohol in my system. Very neat!

Though it comes with a hefty price tag of about $100, I think it's well worth it. Especially as more and more beer and wine conventions keep popping up in the Yakima Valley, it's a valid investment.

Besides, $100 is a lot less than around $10,000 you'd be spending if you got a DUI.

This is perfect to bring to local beer festivals. We have a great one coming up with Tri-Cities On Tap. Make sure you grab your tickets as I'll be there, too.

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