I must be an “uncultured swine” because I have no idea what the heck “medjool dates, whipped chèvre, pistachio dukkah spice” even is. It’s on the menu at one of the most expensive restaurants in Seattle, Copine on 24th Ave NW.

If you regularly order meals with fancy side dishes like roasted monkfish, sautéed geoduck, rouille toast, and turmeric bisque, or if you frequent estate wine dinners, then you’ve got MONEY money. You can afford to read the rest of this list, and in all probability, you can already name the most expensive restaurants in Seattle because you’ve already BEEN to them.

This is probably you reading this right now:



Want to really impress your date? Make sure you wine and dine at one of one of Seattle's most expensive restaurants.

Check out the list below.



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