I have to throw in my two cents on The Big Game Half-Time Show by Beyonce & Destiny's Child. Channelling my inner Simon Cowell, I gave it an overall 3 and 3 quarter stars.

I don’t know about you, but I felt like I just got a little TOO up close and personal in all of Beyonce’s junk! She was flexing that stuff like the rent was past due! Now granted, her weave was unbeweaveable and banging! Her makeup was impeccably flawless! And that black dress that she was wearing for the half-time show by Rubin Singer, was phenomenal!

But my favorite part was of her entire show was seeing the Destiny’s Child Reunion and the Beyonce silhouettes lit up in flames and ish! And, omigosh, when Kelly Rowland popped up from that bank teller chute thing under the stage, I started screaming with delight!! My 2 year old daughter Willow gave me a perplexed look like, Mommy, why in the hail are you screaming like a teenager?! (Don't you worry child, you'll get your turn to scream over some music act someday.)

All in all, that was one great performance by Beyonce and Destiny’s Child at the Half Time Show. (But I kept wishing Justin Timberlake was lurking nearby backstage to jump out and cause some kind of Janet Jackson ruckus!! Maybe next year. Huge sigh.)