The Seattle Mariners have always been a huge part in giving back to their community, now they're giving back in one of their biggest ways yet.

One of the biggest issues in school is affording extra curricular activity, including sports. Most of the time the budget is done and resources end up being scarce when more than the average amount of students are interested in partaking in it.

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The Seattle Mariners wanted to make sure this didn't happen with baseball and the futures of those wanting to play it. So they're donating grants and equipment to high schools who applied for help.

They not only donated to high school baseball teams but softball teams as well, they also donated to over 10 different High schools in Washington State including Highland High schools baseball program. That's right the kids who play for Highland High will be gifted equipment and $5,000 to go to each program that was accepted.

In their official press release the Seattle Mariners team released this.

"In addition to the grants, we also strive to better understand the challenges that prevent young people from continuing in these beloved pastimes. That’s why we've met and engaged with coaches and players from recipient schools. We believe all young athletes should have the opportunity to play baseball and softball. The equipment donation grant is one of many efforts to promote a positive playing experience."

The plan going forward is to help more schools around the PNW to help anyone who has a want to play baseball to be able to and to share the love of the game.

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