Props to all the firefighters. Your job is hot and unpredictable. My Uncle is a retired one and I have always thought those that run towards the danger are so brave. With Evans Canyon fire and other blazes I have seen some incredible photos of what you look like after hours of fighting, you are amazing and deserve huge thank you's for helping keep us as safe as you can being that nature is going to do what nature's going to do.

I have also seen that trucks are breaking down and I can imagine the expenses during this time can be pretty high so in honor of making a difference in our local area, the Wenas Fire Department is getting some major love from the Unforgiven Motorcycle Club, who will be hosting a car wash from 1 pm until 5 pm in between Magic's Pizza and the T&T Lounge on Saturday, September 12th, 2020.

Bring your cash and your dirty vehicles. The weather is pretty smokey but you won't be getting out of your vehicle or just swing by to donate and give em a honk. I would assume there will be some pretty sweet bikes around so if you love seeing awesome motorcycles I bet you could catch some awesome photos.

For the single ladies and men, I don't know if are wanting to snag a firefighter but there are some flirting tips I snagged from marieclaire and honestly, these aren't horrible.

  1. If you are trying to run into firefighters hanging out near the firehouse at shift change which apparently takes place 5 pm - 6 pm or  8 am - 9 am
  2. Do you have a nephew or niece that would like a tour of the trucks? Boom! Maybe that's your gateway to possibly making a connection

Maybe I should have done biker tips since those are the ones hosting :)

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