If ever there was an app that has consumed my time it's been TikTok. I thought Facebook was where I spent most of it but after accidentally setting an hour limit lock-out, every day I have to put in the code. Thank goodness for "accidents" or I would never get anything done.

If you're not getting anything out of it, leave it behind. So far these are seven things I have found since joining the platform.

Frozen Mandarines

I never knew this but the Japanese have been doing this forever. If you have too many mandarins to eat you can toss them in the freezer and when ready to enjoy. Just peel, and blend. They turn into sorbet! If you struggle to get the peeling started while frozen you can use a chopstick through the middle to break it in half.

Save Your Candles

If you hate to waste a good jar or the bottom of a candle this trick is SO much easier than soaking, re-filling with hot water, and waiting. Just boil hot water and pour directly into each jar. Not only will all the wax rise to the top, but it's also super easy to peel the label off the jar. Now you can reuse the jar for another candle or turn it into a flower vase or drinking glass. If you have one of those wax warmers, take your new disks of wax and place one on top! Boom, the same smell in a new vessel.

If It Makes You Happy

There are SO many influencers on every platform but I love scrolling TikTok for pearls of wisdom and this gem hit me in the feels. If it makes you happy to scroll through your favorite social media each day, do it! If it's not making you happy, knock it off and replace it with something that does.

Adults Are Terrible

Not all adults but the over-sharers for sure. TikTok started off with a huge teen base doing viral dance challenges and has evolved into a Tok for every category. One I could do without. The melodramatic catching your partner cheating, mascara running down your face stories. Why are you sharing that here? Sometimes adults do ruin things.

A Recipe for Every Palet

My favorite parts to scroll are through FoodTok and GardenTok. I learned that young garlic is called a garlic scape and when I received some in my Pacific Northwest Fresh Box, I instantly went searching for a recipe. Insert Garlic Scape Pesto!

The Viral Bakery from Yakima

Panadiera El Solicito is located on South 3rd Ave and has over 2.9 million likes for their incredible creations. Word on the street is hit this place up weekdays, mid-morning to beat the insane crowds that come from all over the country while passing through our Valley. Looking forward to checking it out very soon.

There is SO Much Untapped Talent 

Working in radio I have noticed an interesting trend. If a new song goes viral on TikTok it tends to land itself on the radio rather quickly and that's not all. A lot of young and older artists have been discovered through the platform. You can duet with the stars, share your original content. Even cruise on your longboard to Stevie Nicks while sipping cranberry juice and go viral! That dude is actually from this area if you didn't know!

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