The year was 2009 and I was a size 14 and felt very UN-sexy, but that didn't stop my friend from somehow convincing me to do a "boudoir photo shoot."

My friend, Christel Clear Photography, had talked me into taking a few boudoir pictures because she was just starting to branch out into a new range of photo shoots and she needed a model to be the guinea pig.

When hiring a photographer, you want to make sure they can make you feel comfortable, silly, and come out of your sexy mami shell. Somehow, Christel had talked (prude, never-nude) me into stripping down into just my mocha brown chonies and some strategically placed peacock feathers. I ended up laying down on the backdrop on the floor and looked dauntingly into a camera lens! I sure was feelin' sexy that day!

I will always remember my first boudoir experience as "the day I blended in with the feathers"! That is how I shall describe it to my daughter someday when she turns 16 years old and wants to know what's really hidden away in the box I keep under my bed!

I submit to you that picture here, right now, too, so that when I run for Congress one day, you will have no ammunition to blackmail me with! HA!

1073 KFFM Valentine's Day Photo Shoot/Christel Clear Photography

My second boudoir photo shoot was a group session that Christel called "Dangerous Beauty." I even gave myself a model nickname -- "Black Muscat." That event involved wearing nothing but zebra-style body paint, a sequined strap and two pink bows that were literally glued on to my skin, and professional retro makeup done by the famous Ali-lena Twins! That was so much fun!

"Dangerous Beauty" Photo Shoot/Christel Clear Photography

If you need a song to put you in the mood when you take the plunge into YOUR first photo boudoir/glamour photo shoot, try "Naughty Girl" by Beyonce!