Who's hungry?

Me, every time, all the time! I don't need a reason, it could be a celebration or I am by myself. I am always thinking about food. Searching for good eats and watching our local selection grow.

Do You Follow Shawn Niles on Social Media?

Aka The Fat Pastor, Shawn has competed on Master Chef season 8 and most recently competed on Netflix's show, "The Best Leftovers Ever" He's a mover and a shaker in the food world and so happy he is located in our area!

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We Don't Talk About It But I Have to Mention It

Bite Club! This is an exclusive food club that involves incredibly decadent courses in locations around the Yakima Valley, you have to be a member and just like Fight Club, the first rule is we don't talk about it, so hush! You didn't hear it from me.

New Name and New Flavors

Shawn's first storefront was called The Lab, delicious. Like I never knew I would become obsessed with fried cauliflower, delicious. Flavor-packed and unique Shawn strives to find complex dishes that are not commonly found in this area.

There were some definite pivots that needed to be made at the start of the pandemic and as things have settled just a bit he is ready. Are you ready for what's next?  In the same location, The Lab has been dismantled, and in its place Eats & Elixirs - A Tapas and Cocktail Bar. This is music to my ears, I literally have been dubbed the grazer for my love of eating bits of everything in my younger years. Knowing I can travel the world flavor-wise without leaving town, is the type of food experience I have been searching for! Located at 910 Summitview Suite 7A in Yakima, WA.

Words from Chef Shawn Niles

“Eats & Elixirs takes our passion for global comfort food and the finer things in life, and elevates them to a classy tapas and vintage cocktail bar. We want to transport you to the past while celebrating the present!”

Ok! How exciting is that!? Loads to come and if you love a good brunch, well you are in luck!

Eats & Elixirs is a globally inspired tapas and cocktail bar that will also feature brunch on the weekends. We hope you'll join us for an incredible launch weekend March 5-7th, and then from that point on we'll be open Thursdays-Mondays weekly!

The Grand Opening

March 5th - 7th it will take place and to kick things off, the evening of the 5th will feature guest musical artist American Idol Season 12 Alumn Rachel Hale!

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