Yep! This is the face of someone who has quit smoking cold turkey.

I would like to say I have not been a ball of emotions since Friday, March 1, 2019, but I have. The weirdest things I have noticed are feeling frustrated like I am missing out on something by not going outside to smoke, going outside while someone else is smoking and getting even more frustrated than when I stayed inside. I'm also realizing that I spent a lot of time thinking about smoking or rewarding tasks by smoking and how those consuming thoughts could turn into a new habit of eating away the craving. Because yes, it seems like I have gained a few pounds since the journey began.

The positive things I have noticed are my hair and skin feel REALLY soft, my appetite has started to increase and my tastebuds are changing. I can breathe so much deeper and it's not so loud in between breaths. I do have more energy and I can't REALLY tell, but it does seem like everything is a little brighter.

A little over half a month down and I don't feel like I want to start smoking again because I need it, I want to start smoking again because I miss it. Gross!

A friendly reminder for myself and for anyone else fighting the funk!

  • Bad breath
  • Yellow teeth
  • Smelly clothes
  • More colds and coughs
  • Difficulty keeping up with friends when playing sports
  • Empty wallet — cigarettes and tobacco products are very expensive!


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