Man! If you hate snow, sorry for ya cause it's here. A lot of it. Blizzard style winds and snow drifts to the point the WSDOT posted this as a warning to those that want to ignore road signs

It's not a joke if you don't need to go anywhere best to stay off the roads fighting with businesses trying to survive. Good and bad drivers attempting to grab that morning coffee or keep up their routines and then this, the Seattle man who is originally from Connecticut (they get WAY more snow there I assume) who has been stuck since last night in his car! :( *update* He has made it out safely.

With all this extra time I was able to do a little cleaning and found some awesome lipstick. Ironically named Headlights and while I filmed this someone was driving around without them! Please make sure if you do go out you have your lights on AND you have pushed the snow off your vehicle!

snow angel

It's beginning to clear up but the weather has been very consistent so get ready for the next round. They said snow.

Snow in Yakima

It snowed. They said wind.


Oh, boy did that wind blow. So much so I witnessed the wind push snow through the cracks of my old bedroom windows. Elaina Moon of Yakima posted the snow was beginning to creep into her garage!

40th ave snow


And now that we have a break it's time to PAY ATTENTION to the snow routes. You have until 10 pm tonight Sunday, February 10th to make sure your vehicle is off the snow routes. A bit more snow is headed our way so please be kind to the city workers attempting to clear paths and hope you stay warm and safe. If you are able to shovel that stuff out of the way of drivesways before it freezes after the snow plows rolls by I would recommend it.



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