You may have seen the sign on Washington when you were heading towards Toys R Us or GameStop that Photo Haus now sells hot dogs and spuds. When opening a new restaurant, inside the Photo Haus is probably the last place I'd think to place a hot dog stand so I was immediately interested. You can imagine how much more I was intrigued that it wasn't just hot dogs and spuds, but you could get them together - like, substitute a baked potato instead of a hot dog bun.

Along with our Seize the Deal specialist Nikki and Mayor Micah Cawley, we decided to hit them up for lunch and check them out first hand. There were already a few people eating and more in line so word is already going around on how they are. They had a large menu of different styles of dogs to choose from. They had a chili dog complete with corn chips, a 'cobb dog' which was basically like a cobb salad, only in hot dog form and more. I ordered the Southwestern BBQ dog with spud (potato instead of bun) while they ordered a Hawaiian dog that was equipped with teriyaki and pineapple and a Philly dog which was similar to the ingredients of a Philly cheesesteak. They were all very affordable, too, averaging $3-$5 only.

After my first bite, I learned that getting a baked potato instead of a bun is more of a knife and fork affair as I tried to position my lunch in a manor similar to someone trying to play the flute for the first time. The food was so good, though! Fresh ingredients and the dogs were cooked to perfection. We all enjoyed our lunch very much and I can't wait to visit them again in the near future to try something else.

And if you're wondering why I'm wearing another radio station's t-shirt, it's so my KFFM one wouldn't get dirty.

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