A man from Sunnyside is dead and a man from Mabton is injured after a shooting in Sunnyside Monday night.

Police were first notified by Sunnyside Astria Hospital after two victims arrived

Sunnyside Police were called to Sunnyside Astria Hospital after the two men were taken to the hospital in private vehicle. Authorities believe the shooting happened in southern part of the city but they're not sure.
Police have identified the two men. 40-year-old Armando Gutierrez of Sunnyside was killed and 40-year-old  Rodolfo Cisneros was injured and continues to be treated at the Sunnyside hospital.

If you know anything that could help make an arrest call police

Police are searching for a suspect or suspects in the shooting.
If you know anything that could help police call the Sunnyside Police Department 509-836-6200.

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