Bale Breaker

Three Things That Shock People About Yakima
If it's happened once it's happened a hundred times. The moment when someone discovers that I live in Yakima and begins asking questions like 'Is everyone in a gang'? I'll sigh and say, no, not everyone. It's strange that perceptions are a reality for people and until t…
Growler filling stations [LIST]
Craft beer is gaining popularity among many in the Yakima Valley. After all, about 75 percent of the hops used in beer comes from our backyard. If you can't always go out and sample what we have to offer on tap, you can also get a growler...
Ales for ALS was a success
I gotta tell ya, I had a blast at Bale Breaker Brewing Co.'s Ales for ALS on Saturday. Bale Breaker hosted an event with live music, great food and great drinks -- all for a great cause. Here are some of the picture from when I was there.
Drink beer, help stuff
Bale Breaker is getting ready for their 2014 "Ales for ALS" fundraiser. This all-ages event gives you a chance to hang out, enjoy live music and great food while helping ALS TDI seek effective treatments for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease).