Eat with the big man!
Yakima Parks and Recreation's Harman Center at Gailleon Park (101 No. 65th Ave.) is hosting “Breakfast With Santa” this Saturday (Dec. 2) beginning at 8:30 a.m.
Cereal Remix: Make Your Own ‘Apple Fritter Crunch’
One thing I enjoy doing is taking two or three breakfast cereals and mixing them together to create my own cereal cocktails. Whenever a new breakfast cereal hits store shelves, that opens up a whole new recipe book for something new. With the arrival of Sprinkled Donut Crunch, I knew I had what it t…
Cereal Remix: Make a Better S’mores Cereal [RECIPE]
Growing up in the 80s, we had some awesome breakfast cereals. Many of which don't exist today. One of my favorites was called S'mores Crunch which consisted of chocolate-flavored 'Golden Grahams' with marshmallows. It wasn't on shelves very long, but I loved it. Kellogg's did release a Smorz cereal,…