Get his number?
Which one(s) of these guys have you met at the bar in Yakima? DISCLAIMER: This post is intended for entertainment purposes only and is in no way to be substituted for common sense or professional dating advice. All descriptions of characters you may meet/have met at a bar in Yakima -- even if based on real jerks -- are purely fictional...
Best Dating App in WA
More so than hanging out at a bar or hoping for a 'romantic comedy'-style running into someone else at a store or library, dating apps seem to be preferred way of meeting new people. There are as many dating apps as there are hopeless romantics out there so, out of all of them, what does Washington State prefer using?
Sad to be solo
It has already started. Stores are carrying loads of boxes of candy and stuffed animals for Valentine's Day. This normally does not bother me one bit, but this weekend, I started to feel really lonely and wished I had someone to cuddle and make out with!
Evergreen state essentials
Maybe you just moved to Washington state from the South or the East Coast and you've begun dating someone from Washington. Movoto has listed 15 thing you need to know about dating someone from here. Check out the list and see if these apply to you...
10 Super Cheesy Pickup Notes
Anyone who's ever been the victim of a pickup line can probably agree with this response: WOOF. While a lot of them can be pretty awful ("Do you have a bandaid? Cause I just scraped my knee falling for you."), all are straight up hilarious.
SHOCKING RESULTS: Which Sex And The City Character Are You?
It has been a harrowing kind of day for one of our friends. She found out that once again, she is the Rebound Girl, the female version of the Dane Cook movie, Good Luck Chuck, if you will. She is so sick of the dating game that she could vomit all over your computer screen...
Brothers Look for Love on Craigslist By Posing as Centaurs
Despite possessing many positive qualities, brothers Dave and Mike found themselves date-less for their cousin's impending nuptials. Having been told by the bride that dates are "mandatory" because she doesn't want them "harassing all of my friends all night" the pair took to Craigslist to find two women -- preferably sisters or friends -- to accompany them to the wedding. Read

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