I'm still working to clear out my side garden and I've noticed little miss Winifred is loving running through it. Today when I got home from work she was showing off near the peonies, grabbing clumps of dirt and just being the most precious thing.

It's so exciting to decide what I want to plant in places but I am also trying to be careful not to harm my cat. Obviously, when she's outdoors I can't really help what she gets into but I can be aware of planting things near where she roams a lot to help the cause. There are a ton of things they are toxic too! I learned early on that she LOVES roses, eats them, sticks her head in bouquets, and played hide and go seek in the garden around them. Thankfully I found out early on those are ok to have around. But here are some that are not.

Flowers and Plants That Aren't Safe

  • Lavender - I love it so much in our front yard but it is toxic to cats, mostly in the oil form, but can cause vomiting if she licks the leaves. I'll have to be careful when drying lavender this summer.
  • Lily - if you are planning to enjoy them in your house, please keep them out of reach of your four-legged love
  • Daffodils - Pretty much every part of this flower is a no go for being around cats
  • Tulips - The gorgeous flowers are the most toxic part and should be kept away from your cat.
  • Poppies - I just planted some in the front yard and while reading this found out every part of it is poison so I will be repotting that into something that she won't have access to.

If I get some flowers that I question or worry about I usually stick them on top of the fridge and if you have hanging plants check to make sure the leaves aren't poisonous. Hanging plants look like toys for cats to bat their paws at so pay attention and here is a message from the professionals

Alex from EarthWise Pet Yakima says: "One of the things I have found with my personal cats and plants is that I have to research which house plants are toxic. A lot of the really pretty ones, like poinsettias and orchids, are poisonous to cats and dogs. Typically, if it is toxic to dogs, it is toxic to cats. My number one rule with bringing any plant into my home is to ensure my cats/dogs can't get to it, toxic or not, as animals have a way of getting in trouble sometimes."


Plants That Are Toxic to Cats

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