An Easter warning
With Easter comes all of the floral arrangements to brighten up your house. Easter lilies, tiger lilies, Asiatic lilies and Japanese show lilies sure look and smell nice, but they could be fatal for your cats and kittens at home.
“Deucy” The Two-Faced Kitten
That's right a two-faced kitten!  Born in Oregon recently, "Deucy" has a rare condition known as Diprosopus (conjoined twins) or more commonly known as Janus cats.  The owner says the kitten......errr kittens meow loudly from both sides and that vet tells her they are in good health...
Group of Hungry Cats Make Annoying Sounds Together [VIDEO]
Not all cats and kittens are cuddly and cute. In fact, to be honest, I don't even like cats. I don't hate them, I just don't want them. Especially when they gang up on you when they're hungry, looking up at you singing their "meow" songs that they think is sweet.

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