The other day I received an invitation to take the kids sledding at White Pass. My kids have been antsy about having it be winter, but no snow to show for it so I was all over the notion.

We caravaned up to the ski resort area, but we didn't go sledding there. There was a little hill just perfect for kids about a half-mile down the road that was empty, for the most part. I liked it because it was perfect for them and the hill they sled down faced away from the road.

If your kids are wishing to do some sledding, I'd recommend the same spot. Only, I don't know exactly how to find it again on my own. I just remember taking a right turn after driving past White Pass Ski Resort.

Although there was a much larger snow hill, they opted to sled down this smaller one that featured a little jump at the end. It wasn't full of snow, but had just enough to make it fun for all.

I liked it because it only cost the gas to get there and back.

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